PC Repair and Computer maintenance, for the home / business user covering whole of South west & Surrey and Central london 

We respond to everything from a simple pc repairs like installing a mouse, to complete computer system upgrades, if it's a computer with a windows operating system - We repair, fix and maintain it!

Our service is aimed at the home or business user, who requires professional IT support at affordable prices,we pride ourselves on our NO FIX NO FEE! and NO CALLOUT CHARGE! guaranteed service.

We always arrange a time to visit that suits you. We treat outside office hours as part of the normal working week.

We carry out repairs, maintenance and install/setup of the following


    . All makes of pc repaired
    . All laptop Fix.
    .Broadband/Network problems
    . Data recovery/password resetting
    . Windows not booting/ System crashes
    . Software faults/Software crashes
    . Windows blue screen


    . PC Health checks
    . Virus Removal & Pc Cleaning
    . Spyware / adware / malware removal
    . Network/Internet security & setup
    . Data migration & Recovery
    . System update checks
    . System cleaning
    . System upgrades
    . Parental controls


    . Windows Operating system installs
    . Broadband sharing
    . Wireless and Wired Networks
    . Hardware driver updates
    . Hardware/Peripheral installation
    . System configuration & Repair Corrupt Software
    . DVD/RW CD/RW install/setup
    . Internet and Email setup