Regular On-Site Maintenance

The Rotation Day is the key to our proactive IT support service. By coming to your Home or office on a regular basis we ensure that your computers and network are running properly. We work with our clients to improve the performance of their computers and network on an ongoing basis. We can provide you with a "Virtual IT Department" at a fraction of the cost of employing even a junior IT Person! No more hanging-on in never-ending phone queues on premium rate lines... Your business can have:

1. Pc & Laptop Checks

  • Software problems solving
  • Computers repair and ongoing maintenance
  • Email & Internet Set-up Installation and maintaining Networks
  • Advice on hardware and software purchases
  • Integrating new computers with existing hardware
  • Selecting, and installing new software applications
  • Lost Data recovery
  • Digital Publishing on CD or Web 
  • Custom-built PCs and Servers
  • PC health-checks and virus checks
  • Applying Hotfixes and security patches  
  • Checking Disk space
  • Service packs, patches and updates are all added as soon as we have ensured they are safe.

Yearly Maintenance Contract

  • For corporate customers in Singapore who would like us to take care of your IT related issues while you concentrate on your core business, we provide yearly maintenance contract. By doing so, you will also relief your managers from having to take charge and coordinate any implementation and let them focus on their other priorities.

Details of what we cover in our hardware, software and network maintenance contract.

Yearly hardware, software and network maintenance service contract

  • Provision of periodical preventive maintenance on hardware & software within the one-year contract period. Frequency of visit will depend on the service level that you require.

  • Provide support to solve operating system and network issue & will assist in solving configuration problems.

  • Troubleshooting incorrectly installed applications & resolve non-standard application issues on best effort basis.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve network & printing problems.
  • Provide on-site service with respond time of within 4 hours from time of call for urgent issues & within 24 hours for non-urgent issues.

The contract does not cover: -

  • Parts are not included & are on quotation basis.
  • Software installations other than that already existing on the system that have failed are not covered under this contract. We will however provide help on this issue in good faith.
  • Transportation of computers or peripherals not supplied by us to and from distributors for purpose of replacements is also not covered by our maintenance contract.
  • Data Recovery & are on quotation basis.